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Intercom Systems

Selective Call Intercom System

Model:  IM5000

• Uses up to 20 remote stations plus 3 door speakers, 6-wire system
• Perfect for residential or small office use
• Calls stations individually using the 'selective call' feature, or call all stations at the same time using the 'all call' feature
• Answer the door speaker from any station
• Master station mounts in a utility room, closet or other out-of-the-way location
• Master surface mounts, no rough-in required
• Optional chime module or external electronic chime, audio wall plate

Music Distribution
• Auxillary program audio input allows distribution of music to all stations
• Connect any line level program source to the auxillary input
• Use IA-30WH audio wall plate and IR-30K rough-in kit to connected master to auxillary program source
• Auxillary program audio mutes during intercom calls and chime operation
• Separate program and intercom volume controls

Remote Stations
• 'Selective call' intercom, allows calls to be made between two selected stations
• 'All call' intercom calls all stations at the same time
• 'Hands-free' answering at all stations
• One button talk/listen: Push to speak, release to hear reply
• Audible signal announces someone is calling
• Answer door from any intercom station, response is 'hands-free'
• 'Listen-in' monitoring for baby`s room, keep tabs on person confined to a bed
• Private mode prevents unwanted intercom calls
• Separate electronic touch volume controls for intercom and program volume
• Built-in microphone provides greater intercom clarity

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